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Red-Carpet-Ready-Shapewear 11/03/2016

Red Carpet-Ready Shapewear

It’s been 12 years (yes, 12!) since the original “Spanx” compression underwear first became the next big thing among celebrities. Endorsements from Hollywood A-Listers like Gwyneth Paltrow – who claimed shapewear helped her post-baby body look fantastic – made it suddenly OK to wear big pants under designer dresses. In Hollywood, they call it “Undie Armour!” Fast forward a decade and celebrities aren’t as vocal about it, probably because it’s not a novelty anymore. But it is most definitely still a necessity for those taking to the red carpets in evermore... Read More

6-ways-to-treat-yourself-this-mothers-day-at-utility-bear 05/03/2016

6 Ways To Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day at Utility Bear

Oprah calls it the toughest job in the world. Have you ever watched a Mama bear try to control a group of cubs? So we agree with Oprah. Whether you’re a stay-at-home-keep-the-machine-running kind of Mom or a career-woman-juggling-everything kinda Mum, gone are the days when you had to wait for someone to buy you something nice to say thanks for all that you do. Sure you might get to sleep a little longer, perhaps be treated to a (possibly burnt/cold/questionable ingredients) breakfast in bed and you may even receive some flowers... Read More

How-Bra-Sizes-Work-By-Utility-Bear 29/02/2016

How Bra Sizes Work

The bra. Brassiere. Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. Whatever you call them, women have been wearing these bikini-type garments for coverage, support and just plain fashion since as far back as the 14th Century. And no they weren’t invented by Otto Titzling (“tit sling”) that’s an urban legend! They’re a staple part of everyday life now, found from our underwear drawers to the inside of newspapers and magazines, but still the mystery of how the sizes are measured perplexes us! Let us solve the age-old mystery for you so you can invest in some... Read More

Utility-Bear-Mens-Swimwear-Style-Guide 18/02/2016

Men’s Swimwear Style Guide

History of Men’s Swimwear With Spring firmly on the horizon, and Summer not far behind, here at Utility Bear Towers our thoughts turn gratefully to holidays, sunshine and swimwear! Surprising really when you think that for most of human history, bathing in pools or paddling in the sea took place when we were… well, bare. That’s right, naked. In fact, right up until 1906 men were bathing completely naked in Hyde Park, London each morning. Swimwear demand grew as bathing regulations increased. Aside from the early male “tank suits”, mens... Read More

Utility-Bear-Womens-Style-Guide-Underwear 15/02/2016

Women’s Underwear Style Guide

In 1924 knickers became known as panties and by 1930 they were called panty briefs. Regardless what you call them, just like a bra, finding the right style of knicker can make or break an outfit. Muffin-tops, VPL’s (Visible Panty Lines) and scrunching – the fashion faux-pas list is endless. And gone are the days when your only choice in the morning was between your trusty old briefs and a “G-string.” Now we’ve got Cheekinis, Hip-Huggers and “V-strings”! A rainbow of colours greet us, skyscraper-style waist sizes from low to high-rise and sci-fi sounding... Read More

Utility-Bear-Mens-Style-Guide-Underwear 12/02/2016

Men’s Underwear Style Guide

  Gone are the days when your only choice in the morning was between your Dad’s old fashioned briefs and the muscle-bound model’s favourite – a boxer short. Now we’ve got trunks, hybrid boxer- briefs and even male thongs! A rainbow of colours greet us in the drawer, skyscraper-style waist sizes from low to high-rise and material choices ranging from Merino wool to “breathable synthetics.” Confused? Us too. But fear not shoppers, Utility Bear is here to guide you through the basics of the modern man’s undergarment essentials, with everything you need to know but... Read More

utility-bear-history-of-underwear 11/02/2016

Who Invented Underwear Anyway?

Who Invented Underwear? Isn’t it strange when you imagine life without something so essential? The bowl. The wheel. Your smartphone. Yet everything had to be invented by someone. As purveyors of the best underwear that the world of designer brands has to offer the modern bear, we felt it was our duty to understand where it all started and educate the rest of you! But a little digging around in the bush has shown us that it isn’t that straight-forward. Unlike most inventions, where one man has a lightbulb moment... Read More

utility-bear-underwear-valentines-gift-guide 31/01/2016

Utility Bear Valentines Gift Guide

Whether you’re planning a romantic day out or a sexy night in, Valentine’s is the ultimate holiday of love and as it fast approaches, we’ve got the perfect guide to making your other half feel special! Lingerie For Her At Utility Bear we know that women like choice (and it’s a lady bear’s prerogative to change her mind). So it can be overwhelming to choose the right lingerie as a gift when she owns such a vast selection. Bras, basques, suspender belts… is it worth the stress? But lingerie has been the perfect present... Read More