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Top 5 Autumn Underwear Must-Haves

As the season’s change, the styles do too. But you can always rely on Utility Bear to keep you on-trend! We wanted to highlight some of our favourite new pieces that are arriving in from design houses across the globe, so you can be first to bring your underwear and accessories wardrobe bang-up-to-date.   1. Autumn Prints The new HOM men’s range landed in our stock rooms this week and the trunk selection has blown us away with the modern use of graphical print designs and the eye-catching seasonal colours.... Read More

Travel-guide-packing-underwear 16/06/2016

Travellers Guide to Packing Underwear

Holiday time! Oh the excitement! When it comes to travel, whether it’s short city breaks, a week-long beach resort stay or a year of trekking across the globe, we are ultimately divided into 2 types of bears: Those who love packing suitcases, and those who loathe it…   Suitcase Packing Problems You’ll find though, if you dig a bit deeper, that those of us who see suitcase packing as a necessary evil, do so because we find it difficult – How do you know what you’ll need? How do you... Read More

The Power of Calvin Klein

It’s ironic that the same brand who promoted “going commando” in a nothing-comes-between-me-and-my-calvins jeans advert would became the same brand to make designer underwear the fashion norm a mere two years later. Ironic, or just plain brilliant. That is the power of Calvin Klein. And we’re buzzing to announce that this iconic brand has landed at Utility Bear! The History of Calvin Klein With just one image (of Olympic pole-vaulter Tomás Hintnaus in Santorini) Calvin Klein thrust the traditional Y-front underwear from a boring clothing necessity to a fashion must-have of iconic... Read More

Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide 30/05/2016

Father’s Day Gift Guide

  Daddy Bears rejoice! Your annual day off is approaching… But it can be tough to choose the right gift for the grizzly in your life. What do you buy the man you call on to have the things you don’t? From power tools to spare tyres and everything in between, if you don’t have one, Dad will! That’s probably why the simplest gifts have remained staples of Father’s Day giving. Designer boxers he would never buy himself, classic socks to replace the ones with the hole at the toe,... Read More


Nylon Stockings – A Fun History Lesson

Happy Nylon Stockings Day! Wondering why there is even an unofficial holiday dedicated to such a thing? Wonder no more! As grizzly purveyors of all that is good in the underwear, loungewear and accessory worlds, we bears happen to a know a thing or two about good leg coverings… Aristoc Stockings and Tights Our current brand buddies, Aristoc, appear on our site in both Sensuous stockings and traditional tight form. Trends come and go, but with accessories, hosiery has stayed a firm favourite from the old to the young. It wasn’t always... Read More

how-to-choose-socks-running 28/04/2016

Best Socks For Running

It’s Marathon Season! We’ve just had the Lion Foundation Marathon in New Zealand and the London Marathon in the UK, but next month (June) is a veritable marathon-lover’s paradise. From the Harmony Geneva in Switzerland, to the Maastricht in Belgium, from the Great Wall Marathon in China to the Rio Marathon in Brazil, next month will see runners across the globe take to the streets for their ultimate personal running challenge. We’re urging grizzlies around the globe to remember their feet when it comes to prepping for one of the... Read More

5 Pieces Of Underwear You Should Throw Out Today!

Underwear spring cleaning is one of those things we all worry about, but no-one quite knows ‘the rules’… You ask yourself “how long have I had this?”, “when was the last time I wore that?” or the worst offender; “are those even mine?!” And then there are the sins we can’t excuse. The favourite boxers with the hole in them, the bra with the wiring poking out, the elastic hanging by a thread. If you haven’t thrown those out, you should hide your bear head in shame! Of course there... Read More

Sleep-Guide-Pyjamas-Versus-Naked 12/04/2016

The Good Sleep Guide

What To Wear To Bed – Underwear or Pyjamas? Whether you spell it pyjamas or pajamas, the issue that divides us isn’t how we spell it, rather it’s whether we wear this old faithful item of night time clothing to actually sleep. Little research exists on this important issue, bar a few surveys such as the National Sleep Foundation’s 2013 International Bedroom Poll (it’s really called that). They found the British more likely to sleep naked than the Americans, but the Americans were less likely to wear ‘jammies’ than the... Read More

Guide-to-underwear-for-working-out 02/04/2016

The Best Underwear For Working Out

When was the last time you bought underwear specifically for the gym? Never? We’re not surprised. But there are very good reasons for choosing the right undergarments before you work out. Here we’ll help you make the best choice for your next visit:   No Commando Some bears think it’s best to avoid any chaffing, visible lines or the all-too-common wedgies by going bare to the gym. However bacteria and yeast thrive in a moist, warm environment. The best protection from infection is to wear some underwear under your workout gear... Read More

where-do-the-missing-socks-go 16/03/2016

Where Do The Lost Socks Go?

Missing Socks. It’s a modern day phenomenon: socks that just vanish in the washing machine. It’s so common, there’s even an entire day dedicated to it – Odd Socks Day – in October each year. We just don’t get it. You put pairs in the washer, you get singles out. Or you’re folding them neatly for your underwear drawer, sorting into pairs, and there’s always one sad little sock left with no identical twin. Where the heck do they go? As a purveyor of all that is great in the... Read More