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5 Common Underwear Problems And How To Fix Them

Hello again Grizzlies and welcome back to the blog that gives back! We’re busy at UtilityBear HQ getting our festive stock and promos sorted so keep your eyes peeled for our countdown deals. We’ve also welcomed some new designer brands to the stockroom this month so remember to sign up to our VIP newsletter to get all the latest styles and news straight to your inbox before anyone else. In the meantime, we thought we’d impart some more worldly wisdom that we’ve accumulated along the way on our adventure in... Read More

how-to-wash-underwear 20/10/2016

How To REALLY Wash Your Underwear

We deal in the best underwear at UtilityBear.com We hunt it down, travelling over countries and oceans, to meet the best designers and bring you the best deals. But once we send your goodies to you in our bear-themed boxes, well then it’s up to you to keep them looking fine and feeling great for as long as possible. So we felt it was our duty to call out some underwear myths and share some grizzly tips that we’ve learned by working with some of the world’s greatest brands:  ... Read More

Pumpkin-Spice-Fashion 09/10/2016

Add Some Pumkin Spice To Your Underwear Drawer

Hallowe’en is upon us, Grizzlies, but that doesn’t mean that the dark nights bring with them dark and boring underwear. Far from it, in fact. Some of our favourite designer underwear brands at UtilityBear.com have ramped up the colours and patterns this season. Perhaps the popularity of Pumpkin Spice across food, drink and decoration has made it’s way to the fashion world, too. Gone are the brown and burgundy tones of days gone by… Instead, feast your eyes on these latest arrivals! The Calvin Klein superior cotton low-rise jersey trunk... Read More

Bridget-Jones-Effect 02/10/2016

The Bridget Jones Effect: Big Pants You Are Beautiful!

The third movie instalment of Helen Fielding’s loveable character Bridget Jones Baby has maintained its place at the top of the cinema lists through out September. But it seems that self-deprecation and and embarrassing moment humour weren’t the only crazes Bridget Jones made popular again. If trends in the underwear industry are anything to go by, then big pants are back and they are beautiful! Bridget Jones Big Pants Of course when we think of embarrassing big knicker moments, Reneé Zellweger’s portrayal of Bridget in the famous “Hello Mummy” scene with... Read More

Favourite-Underwear-Blogs 19/09/2016

Our Five Favourite Underwear Blogs

At Utility Bear we try hard to not only curate the best of designer underwear from around the world, but to bring you something more. Here on our blog, we want to show you the latest styles, share our advice and tips, provide helpful gift and sizing guides, and just be all-round helpful little bears! But we also have a few places we look to for our own advice and inspiration. So let us share with you our Five Favourite Underwear Blogs that we love on the Interwebs!   1 The... Read More


Top Iconic Underwear Moments

At UtilityBear.com, our cubs are forever hunting the globe to find the latest and greatest in designer underwear, lingerie and accessories for you Grizzlies and Lady Bears worldwide. So it’s safe to say, we know a thing or two about undies. But sometimes we like to take a break from the hard work of making bear-angels on our designer-goodies-covered-stockroom floor and have some fun. Today, we’re counting down our favourite pop culture underwear moments, that have made it to icon status in the last 100 years…   1955: The ultimate... Read More

Fall-Fashion-Lingerie-Trends-2016 30/08/2016

Fall Fashion Lingerie Trends 2016

Here at UtilityBear.com we believe in bringing the best designer quality and fashion styles to lingerie land and with every new fashion trend comes an equivalent matching item in the underwear drawer...


The 4 Essential Mens T-shirt Styles

We’re all for minimalism here at Utility Bear Towers. Too much clothes = too much washing and ironing. And we couldn’t do that to the Lady Bears (wee jokes!) In all seriousness though, we know a fair bit about clothing and underwear by now, seeing as how it’s our business to find the best and bring it to you. And we’ve learned that the old adage is in fact true; less is more. If you invest in the right cuts, styles and colours, you can buy just four T-shirt styles that... Read More


The 7 Bras You Need In Your Wardrobe

The bra has been a wardrobe staple for so many decades now, we just take it for granted how far technology, design and fabric has come in such a short time. But it’s also true that the choice can be a little overwhelming for Lady Bears. Let’s be honest, if you don’t know your underwire from your push-up and your free-form, well… choosing a great style and fit can be a bit of a minefield! We’re here to help though. At Utility Bear we scour the globe to find the... Read More


8 Fun Facts for National Underwear Day

Happy National Underwear Day! The day dedicated to all things undies. Underwear: the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off at night. They support us, flatter us, protect us and comfort us. No wonder underwear is our favourite here at UtilityBear.com! So in honour of this most fun of national holidays, and to celebrate a host of new designer underwear stock lines on our website, we wanted to bring you some of our favourite fun facts about everyone’s favourite “smalls”…   Married People... Read More