Our 10 Favourite Celeb Underwear Quotes

We look to celebrities for advice on everything from what they’re eating to the latest exercise craze, even when we shouldn’t.

But here at UtilityBear we’re only interested in underwear, of the designer kind. So we wondered what some of our favourite celebrities thought about undergarments in general.

Here’s our Top Ten Favourite Celebrity Underwear quotes:

Jamie Dornan hails from Northern Ireland. So do we. Coincidence? We think not:


Jamie used to date our favourite “Friend” many moons ago. But we defy him, or anyone, to make underwear look good as they grow older, like Ms Aniston can:


We think this was possibly a chat-up line, Wills, and it clearly flew right over your head:


Now Miranda Kerr knows a lot about underwear, seeing she made her name modelling it in a very famous runway show (whose brand shall remain nameless because… we don’t sell it):


Puff Daddy… Diddy… Sean… we’re not sure what to call him now. But we’re guessing he gives Tom Jones a run for his money in the stage bras department:


The second-youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan also made her name as a human clothes horse. We agree with her that underwear is very fun, even if it’s just you and your hairbrush dancing in the mirror! …Just us? Oh, OK…


Elder sister Khloe goes on to explain where their obsession with half-nakedness originated: #ParentingWin


Yes Rachel. Like how often they do their laundry. And whether or not they appreciate the talent of matching. Personally, we don’t trust folk who don’t:


Poor Stan. The King of Marvel may appear to have everything a man could want in life. But no one buys him novelty underwear and pyjamas at Christmas. So sad:


Is this even a thing? Someone tell Ms Hudson, before she starts to smell:


If the celebs have put you in the mood for some designer underwear shopping of your own, then we wouldn’t want to coerce you. We’ll just leave this here… www.utilitybear.com 


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