8 Funny Books About Pants for World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day!

And Happy 20th Anniversary to the World Book Day crew! What an achievement that this UNESCO recognised holiday is now celebrated in 100 countries around the world.

We love a good book here at Utility Bear Towers. Some of the best books we know feature grizzlies… from The Jungle Book to Goldilocks. Classics.

But we spend most of our time these days nose-deep in designer fashion look books.

So, as we are the purveyors of all that is great in the designer underwear world, we thought what better way to celebrate #WorldBookDay20 than with a run-down of our Top Eight Underwear-Related Books.

Because let’s be honest, anything pants, knickers or bums-related is entertaining for parents and bear cubs alike!


Pants Books For Baby Bear Cubs



PANTS is a funny rhyming picture book written by Giles Andreae featuring lots of hilarious pictures by Nick Sharratt, where all the people (and things) are sporting some very groovy underwear!




One Big Pair Of Underwear is a New York Times Bestseller (yes, really!) Written by Laura Gehl, it tells the story featuring our favourite animals (bears) who hate to share. A funny picture bed for little cubs to enjoy before bed.




Ants In Your Pants was an award-winning bestseller by children’s author Julia Jarman and cute illustrations from Guy Parker-Rees. Who wouldn’t laugh at ants biting bottoms at a birthday party? Don’t worry though, Mr Aardvark saves the day!


Pants Books For Little Bear Cubs


Spongebob Squarepants’ crazy comedy is a hit with slightly older children, and the “I Ripped My Pants!” episode was such a hit that it has since been turned into YouTube videos, novels and activity books with stickers and colouring games, just like this one.




The Adventures of Captain Underpants written by Dav Pilkey became such a hit with kids that it is now a series of books. Captain Underpants is the superhero invented by young boys George and Harold who bring him to life with plenty of humorous consequences!



For little nippers who prefer a funny poem or rhyming limerick to a full story or novel, then the now-famous “Underwear Salesman” book is perfect for them. The poems by J. Patrick Lewis take children on a fun journey learning about different jobs (FYI we think underwear salesman is the best job, obv!)


Pants Books For Teenage Bear Cubs



“Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging” is a now-famous coming of age tale full of comedy and life lessons, written by Louise Rennison many years ago – though it has now become a classic. It’s a brilliantly funny journey through teenage angst!



OK we’re cheating with this one, as the pants in the title refers to a pair of jeans… however  we couldn’t leave it out. Ann Brashares “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” coming-of-age series is a New York Times number one bestseller and was then made into a movie starring some teen star favourites like Blake Lively and America Ferrera.


And when you’ve had enough of reading about pants you can pop along to UtilityBear.com and buy some fancy ones! We’ve even got a cute range of mini Calvin Kleins for the bear cubs to enjoy too…


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